Updated improved Smart Counter Plus (updated May 2019)

We are pleased to present to your attention our updated people counter Smart Counter Plus.

  • The device has become super compact!
before after people counter sizes
  • The weight of the counter fell from 3.5 oz to 2.6 oz
  • Turning on and off the divider in the device is much easier
  • The instructions are clearer and more understandable
  • Simplified battery replacement. You will see a warning that the batteries should be replaced.

If earlier our Smart Counter was assembled by hand, then the new Counter Smart Plus is going to mass produced. This helps to improve its quality and automate production. We have also introduced quality control, which helped us to see shortcomings in the operation of the equipment at the production stage and take timely measures to improve it.

PLUS-visitors-counter-new-04 (1)

For users who do not want to take daily meter readings, we present Smart Counter Data, which records data on visitors for 180 days. So you will be able to take data indicators, at your convenience. Such a counter will be extremely useful during periods of promotional offers in order to track changes in the level of attendance.

infrared visitor counter Data