Smart Counter Lite S


Simple battery operated people counter

Smart Counter is easy to use: just insert the batteries, fixating it on door/exit/entrance and it instantly begins to count the customer!
Each pass is fixed and immediately displayed on a small display of the counter.
A fundamental tool for any retail company!

• Dimensions: 85 x 49 x 29 mm
• Weight: 50 gramms
• Color: Grey
• Maximum detection width of 5 meters (up to 16,4 ft.)

Supply includes:
• The people counter
• two-sided tape for installation
• Instruction in English and Russian
(Batteries are not included)

12 months from the date of sale!

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Counting people entering the store

To count people entering the store will install the device so that incoming people crossing the beam


Counting people passing by the entrance

To count people passing by the entrance – set the counter so that he was sent into the passing flow of people (The device works through the glass correctly)

What does the counter of shop visitors “Smart Counter” consist of?


1. Detecting sensor

  • Detecting device is situated inside. It reacts on a visitor who came in;
  • Maximum detection width of 5 meters (16 ft.)

2. Energy-saving display

  • Instantly displays a pass of the visitor;
  • Indication is up to 99 999 persons;
  • Saves a charge of batteries. The display blinks off and passes into power saving mode while durable lack of movements (more than 2 minutes). The screen lights up immediately after fixing of a new pass of a visitor and the calculation continues;

3. Hidden reset button

  • Such button looks as well as the second mortise that is situated to the left of the display. It is possible to guess that it is the reset button without instruction;
  • If you want to reset the indicators to 0, use a thin object, for example office paper clip. Push on the hidden reset button, which is situated inside of the mortise on the right side of the display;

4. Runs on AAA batteries

  • Standby time of using a one set of batteries is 6 months;
  • Such batteries can be found in any store, are not included in delivery set;

5. Mounting plate

  • Thanks to 2-sided sticky plate the counter is installed literally in no time!
  • Remove the protective layer, glue it to the counter, remove the second protective layer, stick it on the wall, security equipment, wall or glass!


Useful information about devices on counting the visitors

What technology is used in the device?

There is the sensor for tracking a light flux changing inside. It reacts on notable change of light flux, such as person’s pass;

What about the accuracy of calculation?

The accuracy of calculation indoors with constant, stable light flux is approximately 100%, the minimum accuracy of calculation indoors with constant light — 95%;

What can influence on the accuracy of calculation?

As the sensor reacts on the light changing, the direct sunlight that falls on the device or at the place where it “looks” can influence on accuracy. Also broken, blinking or flickering luminescent lamp that is located over the counter or near to it can influence on indications too. Therefore, provide the stable light in the room for the largest accuracy. It is very easy to provide the stable light in the place of its locating in the most cases. If you doubt about an opportunity of providing with stable light in the room, you have to consult with us, having left the application or having called at our phone numbers. In 90% of cases an influence of sources can be reduced to the minimum or eliminated at all;

How to take indications from the counter of visitors?

Manually. Come to the counter and rewrite indications from the display in the journal on the data sheet or on the file on the computer;

Exchange and return of door counters Smart Counter

You can return the device within 30 days, from the date of purchase or receiving.
Delivery is paid by the buyer. Return is possible in the presence of a complete set (the box, the instruction, the new sticky plate (which is not used) and the counter in a perfect condition, without defects and traces of exploitation)

What discounts do you have in the case of ordering the counters in large volumes?

The price is established on purchases up to 5 counters. When you are going to buy them in the number of more than 5 pieces at once, you can receive a discount!
Our discounts and prices for the volume:
from 5 pieces — 5%
from 10 pieces — 7%
from 50 pieces — 25%
if you want to become our dealer in your country and to sell together with us, we offer even more favorable terms of cooperation. For this purpose write us:


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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 100 × 50 × 30 mm

Additional information

Weight 0.1 g
Dimensions 100 × 50 × 30 cm

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