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Smart Counter DATA


Счетчик клиентов с регистрацией данных ” DATA”

Счетчик фиксирует дату и время пересечения луча за последние 180 дней.
Вы увидите эти данные в своем отчете:

09:00-10:00 10:00-11:00 11:00-12:00 12:00-13:00
25.05.2017 16 12 21 7
26.06.2017 2 23 21 14

Пример отчета CSV

• Размеры: 111 х 66 х 28 мм
• общий вес: 340 грамм
• цвет: белый
• максимальная ширина обнаружения 5 метров (до 16,4 фута)
• время работы с одним комплектом батарей – более 12 месяцев

В комплект поставки входят:
* приемник
* передатчик
• двусторонняя лента для установки
* карта microSD 2 ГБ + адаптер

12 месяцев с момента продажи!

Если вы хотите купить этот счетчик трафика, просто сделайте запрос на нашем сайте!
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Руководство Пользователя


Counting people entering the store

To count people entering the store will install the device so that incoming people crossing the beam


 Advantages of people counter “Smart Counter DATA”

  • Hourly statistics for 180 days. The device has non-volatile memory, which stores data about how many people entered/left the room for the last 180 disaggregated statistics on days and hours — this information can be extremely useful for determining the popularity of different shares etc.
  • Unloading statistics for computer processing. Model “DATA” is equipped with a slot for a MicroSD card, which is automatically unloaded statistics in a tabular format, which can then be viewed and processed on PC using the appropriate software (Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice, Google Docs, etc.).

    An example of a CSV report
  • 7-bit counter incoming/outgoing visitors is able to consider up to 9999999. “DATA” takes into account people passing by in both directions, to identify the newly entered or released visitors the result should be divided by 2. The division may be performed by the meter automatically.
  • The two-module system with range of up to 5 meters — unlike many devices, all in ones, this system has the transmitter and the receiver IR beam crossing which passing people and there is a count. This makes the system more accurate and reliable in operation even when the placement of blocks on huge distance from each other.
  • Long Autonomous operation — system modules are powered by two standard batteries of type “AA” (only need 4 batteries). The standard usage of their battery life 12 months continuous operation of the system.
  • Compact size two system blocks have dimensions 66х110х28 mm, which makes them invisible and allows you to install almost anywhere.

Useful information about devices on counting the visitors

What technology is used in the device?

Infrared beam sensors;

What about the accuracy of calculation?

The accuracy of calculation indoors with constant, stable light flux is approximately 100%, the minimum accuracy of calculation indoors with constant light — 95%;

How to take indications from the counter of visitors?

Insert your card microSD in the meter and hit 2 buttons to transfer data to the card. After you insert the card into your computer or laptop and open the files using Excel or similar programs that open CSV files;

Exchange and return of door counters Smart Counter

You can return the device within 30 days, from the date of purchase or receiving.
Delivery is paid by the buyer. Return is possible in the presence of a complete set (the box, the instruction, the new sticky plate (which is not used) and the counter in a perfect condition, without defects and traces of exploitation)

What discounts do you have in the case of ordering the counters in large volumes?

The price is established on purchases up to 5 People Counter with Data Logging. When you are going to buy them in the number of more than 5 pieces at once, you can receive a discount!
Our discounts and prices for the volume:
from 5 pieces — 5%
from 10 pieces — 7%
from 50 pieces — 15%
if you want to become our dealer in your country and to sell together with us, we offer even more favorable terms of cooperation. For this purpose write us:


Delivery when ordering on the Amazon

This is the fastest delivery method.

Delivery from 1 day from the warehouse of the country is carried out when ordering on the Amazon website. Orders placed on Amazon websites are delivered in accordance with the terms of delivery of the company Amazon, which are displayed on product listings on the website of the company Amazon.


Estimated delivery time when ordering on Amazon:

USA, Canada – 1 – 4 days

Europe – 1 – 7 days


Delivery when ordering from the site

For countries where there is a warehouse

When ordering on the website, delivery is by countries where there is a stock of our products in our warehouses or the warehouses of our partners – delivery is from the warehouse of this country.


Estimated delivery time (for countries where there is a warehouse):

USA, Canada, Europe – 5 – 10 days

Russia, Kazakhstan, China – 3 – 14 days


For countries where there is no warehouse

For all other countries where there are no warehouses for our products, delivery is carried out from a warehouse in Russia.


Order processing and shipment takes 2 to 7 working days.

Delivery time depends on the country of the order.


Estimated delivery time for countries where there is no warehouse:

North America, Europe, Asia – 7-28 days

South America, Australia, Africa – 14 – 35 days

Weight 0.34 kg
Dimensions 200 × 120 × 50 mm

Additional information

Weight 0.34 g
Dimensions 200 × 120 × 50 cm

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